Raju Pariyar


Raju is one of our most highly requested and respected guides. He has been a professional trekking guide for over a decade. In 2015, after the Nepal earthquake, Raju was instrumental in getting emergency-aid to effected regions, helping critical medical-cases get to hospital, and working with the U.N., to rebuild trails destroyed by landslides. (We recommend requesting Raju if you would like to do the Manaslu Area Trek. It's not an exaggeration to say Raju knows every step of the way - his crew reconstructed the trail!) Raju is famously charming and funny, and will always make sure you are perfectly cared for. Raju has summited Mardi Himal in the Annapurna region, Island peak in the Everest region and Lomanthang peak in Upper Mustang. We know you'll have a wonderful trekking experience with Raju!

Renuka Karki


Renuka is a 29-year-old female trekking guide. She is our best female guide, starting as a porter in 2002 and working as porter for three years before getting a government trekking guide license. She has 15 years trekking guide experience and has done first aid training. She has explored almost all of the trekking regions in Nepal. Renuka has all the qualities for a perfect guide and she has a wealth of knowledge of taking care of clients in Himalayan and high altitude area.

Meena  Karki

Meena is one of our best female trekking guides. She is a highly qualified trekking guide. She started as a Porter in 2006 before becoming a government trekking guide license holder in 2011. She has explored almost every trekking region in Nepal. She’s done more than 100 treks around Nepal!

Meena is very good at explaining the culture, religion and history of Nepal. She is extremely friendly and she knows how to manage a trekking team, and is very experienced at finding the best accommodation and best places to eat. She has all the qualities of a great guide and she has the best knowledge possible about take care of clients in the Himalayas and high altitude area.

Suresh Nepali

Suresh is a 2nd generation trekking guide based in Pokhara, Nepal. He has worked with several high level international organisations such at BBC, United Nations, and international film crews. He speaks fluint English, and some Chinese. Growing up in Lakeside, Nepal’s central trekking hub, Suresh has become a well respected member of the community, a licensed paragliding pilot, and friend to many. With over 10 years of professional guiding experience, Suresh will be sure to enhance your experience in Nepal by creating an informative cultural immersion for every step of your trek.

Manoj Nepali (Max)

Manoj (Max) is also one of the best and most experienced trekking guides in Nepal. He is very good at handling groups of people from different countries. He has more than 15 years experience as trekking guide and has excellent English communication skills. He has worked as a guide for groups from many different nationalities. He started working in the trekking field when he was 19 years old and he has developed excellent guide qualities along with a large amount of knowledge concerning how to take care of clients in high altitude areas.

Bikash Pariyar

Bikash is our best trekking guide. He is kind and very hardworking, and has explored all the trekking regions in Nepal during his 8 years of experience trekking as a guide. He was born close to the Annapurna conservation area so he is the best trekking guide for any trekking in Annapurna conservation Area. He is a highly recommended guide within our company. He has done basic First Aid and fire fighting training. All his previous clients have been very happy and he has great team work skills. He displays excellent guide qualities and has great knowledge concerning taking care of clients in high altitude areas.  

Santosh Nepali

Santosh is one of the most experienced trekking guides working for KarmaTreks. He has 10 years’ experience as a trekking guide. He started his career as porter and after three years he got his official government trekking guide license. He has trekked in every region in Nepal. He’s done basic First Aid Training and he has the best guide quality with a large amount of knowledge concerning how to take care of clients in high altitude areas.

Kumar Nepali

Kumar is one of our best trekking guides. He has 10 years trekking guide experience and has explored every trekking region in Nepal. He has done Volunteer work with our NGO, KarmaFlights. He has great communication skills and can speak great English. Kumar has specialist knowledge about religious stories, culture and Nepali history and he displays excellent guide qualities along with having basic first aid training. He has considerable knowledge concerning taking care of clients in high altitude areas.