Why KarmaTreks? Travel as a Global Citizen - not just a Tourist.

Why not combine your next holiday with something a little more than just travel? Bring home memories of a holiday with purpose. KarmaTreks is the sister organisation of KarmaFlights.org. When you book a trip with KarmaTreks, 100% of the profit from your booking goes to supporting KarmaFlights humanitarian relief and development initiatives in Nepal. By booking with a local company like KarmaTreks with a strong background in non-profit work, you know your trip is being organised and guided by people who care about people. That includes you! As an ethical travel company, KarmaTreks tailors your trip to have a cautious environmental-footprint and meaningful cultural-exchanges. Book a trip with us today and see what it means to travel as a global citizen, and not just a tourist.

KarmaTreks is unique in that we focus on connecting trekkers with community development work in remote villages throughout Nepal. KarmaTreks likes to create opportunities for local communities by promoting off-the-trail and un-touched villages.  Bringing tourism and related business opportunities to villages means more and more of Nepal's youth can stay in their home villages and do not have to migrate to other countries for poorly paid, dirty, dangerous and difficult jobs away from their families. All of our guides have come to us after first being involved with a variety of social development or humanitarian projects. Our staff are both forward thinking and interested in giving back!

Following the devastating 2015 earthquake, many of our guides threw themselves unconditionally and unpaid into rescue, relief and rebuilding work. Now, these earthquake-impacted communities are slowly being rebuilt and finding their feet. These beautiful communities are eager to extend their ever-present hospitality to local and foreign guests. We are sure that in due course, some trekking guests will feel a strong connection to the communities and become goodwill ambassadors; paving the path at a grassroots level for international partnerships and people-to-people collaboration.

By heading off the beaten path, exploring new trekking routes and promoting rural tourism, jobs for a whole new generation of guides will be safeguarded. KarmaTreks believes in empowering vulnerable communities and bringing the fruits of tourism from urban areas to the doorsteps of rural homes.